Canal Capital launches productions focused on citizenship of care

“Historias elemendales” & “Médulas, sanando de raíz”, are the two series that will be released in June and whose objective is to generate reflection, empathy and knowledge regarding issues related to human rights.

¿Cómo crear comunidad a través del cuidado? La respuesta está en Elemental stories, Capital's new proposal that is launched on June 9 with a series of inspiring stories that put in contact with the purest, with the natural, with five elements that, due to their attributes, are not only associated with a particular theme but also with some characters that transform their environment in different ways.

This documentary will arrive with 10 chapters of 12 minutes each. A series that is woven through the most important element in life: care. Thirty completely different characters, who from different universes, ethnicities, realities, and actions illustrate one of the most important meanings of the word culture as the best way to be together. This series reflects through its citizens, landscapes and faces, a lesson in dignity and hope.

Through this series it is possible to discover the Bogotá complexity, but also, the infinity of possibilities that it proposes, since it not only accounts for citizens who are doing something, for something, or for someone, but also invites the viewer to connect with proposals that are built from the neighborhoods or localities, revealing characters, weave networks and communities, around small gestures or great initiatives.

By Daniela Castro Valencia, directora de la serie, “It was very valuable to find a common territory with the characters: Bogotá, a complex and chaotic city, of great dimensions, where countless universes, realities, people who do incredible projects coexist, which benefit both their family nucleus and the prison population, or to the trans population, to feminine activisms, and to early childhood education, to public health, to the preservation of memory and our ancestral cultures, among many others; care actions that are not only located in one place, but also connect with each other, evidencing their strength”.

In turn, the series will be launched on June 9 Medules, healing from the roots, a space for the voices of women who seek to heal and transform. A documentary animation series of 10 chapters that through an emotional dialogue between multiple stories of 20 diverse women, sensitively addresses issues such as discrimination, violence and gender inequity present in their lives, deconstructing and resignifying their own memory until reach the marrow, the essence, the origin where it is possible to heal from the root.

These voices are reinforced through the resource of animation with its various aesthetic possibilities; capable of reinterpreting their stories through metaphors, textures, strokes and colors. Medules, healing from the roots It is an audiovisual experience that invites us to see from a deep point of view the gender inequality and violence that women face daily, but also concentrating on resilient and empowering actions that have different, healing and claiming ends.

“EThis series allows us to address gender violence, we think that it would be necessary to go to the root of silence, of the pain that nobody wants to hear and before which civilization for centuries has erected monumental silences. Strengthen relationships between women, open the heart and confront each of these stories from an intimate space to free us from the memories lived by each one of us in our past and to push us to speak without fear, to recognize the dimension of what we are capable of doing both women and men, but also to understand that many of these violence began in home and kept silent because of the rude silence that generations of mothers and grandmothers have maintained. In a culture where the naturalization of violence is growing and is validated and accepted even by the victims themselves”, Affirms Lola Barreto, director of the series.

Taken from El Espectador:


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